Horticulture Glass Atlantic

Atlantic patterned glass is designed to maximize sunlight transmittance without AR coating as well as light scattering allowing to cover crops evenly.


Geometrical tolerances

If not requested in a different way by the client, are used following tolerances:

  • Glass thickness: +/- 0.2 mm
  • Length and width: +/- 1,5 mm
  • Angularity (difference between length of both diagonals): 2 mm

Thermal toughened glass (ESG according EN 12150)

The mentioned glass of this specification can, if requested by the client, be thermal toughened. The glass then has following mechanical and physical properties.


  • General bow Patterned glass: 4mm/m
  • Local bow: 0.5mm/300mm

Bending strength:

  • Patterned glass > 90 N/mm2


Glass type Nominal thickness in mm Minimal number of fragments
Atlantic 3 15
Atlantic 4 to 10 30

Edges and corners

Name Description
Edge processing depends on customer request, seamed or fully grinded C-shape
Corner treatment depends on customer request, cut or complete round grinded
Shells (L x W x D) max. 5 mm x 2 mm x 1 mm


Higher Light Transmittance

With low-iron base and AR coating technology, our glass has one of the highest light transmission standards in the world.

Scattering of Light

A special glass pattern together with AR coating allows the light to cover the greenhouse evenly to increase the yield as well it reduces the high temperature on top of crops during hot seasons in case of burning, wilting.

Long Shelf Life

With leading Etching AR technology, our glass creates the AR layer on the glass body itself, which lead to the long shelf life of the glass.

High Safety Standards

With the highest tempering standards, the glass is much and even broken the fragments are small enough to avoid harm to humans and crops.

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